When faced with a life-defining opportunity, teenage footballer Charlie must make an important decision. Caught between his father’s determination to make a better life for his son than he had himself and the pressure to conform to who he is expected to be, Charlie discovers something about himself which will change the shape of his life forever. Despite all they ever thought they knew about him, Charlie’s family must come to terms with accepting who he really is inside. A touching story showing the ups and downs of family life and the destructive power of change from the norm.

We are delighted that Peter Machen, the writer of the film, Elinor Machen-Fortune, who plays Eve, and Karen Newman, the producer, will be joining us for a post film Q&A.

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  • Rating:12+
  • Country:UK
  • Year:2017
  • Duration:99 minutes
  • Director:Rebekah Fortune
  • Starring:Harry Gilby, Scot Williams, Patricia Potter